Friday, November 15, 2013

Some Pretty Nails

These last couple of months have just been a blur for me. Summer is a distant memory, school in now in full swing and Christmas is in view (which I cannot believe!!!).
This year my youngest son has started JK. He goes every day all day, so my days as a stay at mom are looking very I all of a sudden feel unemployed, my job of the past 10 years has disappeared :( .
My days still feel busy though, everything is now getting done and my house is becoming very organized!! I am also looking for a job outside the home too...

A couple of weeks ago my husband surprised me with this very pretty nail polish form Sally Hansen :) I also tried for the first time a base coat and a fast dry top coat both from China Glaze, which both a very good job (just in case your in the market).

The colour is mermaid's Tail

I have bee admiring my nails all evening, the colour is so pretty!!!

My oldest son has had a fun afternoon folding origami Yoda's and he wanted me to share one with you. Here is his favourite one:

Too cute!!!

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