Sunday, November 24, 2013

One Fun Cake :)

This weekend had been a fun but a very busy weekend for me. I wanted to share this post with you now because I will be heading to bed early tonight!!!

Friday night I was busy making a tiered birthday cake for my friends daughter who is turning 18. It was a lovely night because my friend Robin (the birthday girl's mom) came over and helped me decorate it. We sat in my kitchen listing to Christmas music and chatting while we worked. Usually when I make party cakes like this I spend hours by myself in the kitchen creating... I love to do it but sometimes it is really nice to have the company :)
Her daughter really loves bright colours and zebra print, so that is what we created for her!!! I just loved how the cake turned out:

Both tiers of the cake are yellow pound cake and covered in fondant. The zebra print and the purple balls are also created with fondant. I made the 18 out of gum paste so it would be harder and stand up on top of the cake :)

On to Saturday
This week my husband was lucky enough to receive two Leaf's tickets from work!!! He will often go to games with other co-workers but this time he got two tickets, so that meant I could 
It was a great game, the Leaf's played the Capitals in what turned into an overtime shootout, that we won!!! It was a lot of fun :)  
We live about 2 1/2 hours away from Toronto so by the time we got to the car, out of the downtown area and to my mother in-laws house to pick up our boys we were not leaving the city until after 12:00 AM!!
we pulled into the driveway about 2:40 am this morning, so today has been a rather lazy day to say the least...
Here is my husband and I during the second intermission

I took this picture because the ref was holding on to that stick for a good 2-3 mins and I was beginning to think that he might join in the

It was a great weekend, I'm now off to go and make some supper and to get my boys off to bed early!

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