Monday, November 18, 2013

It's All About The Food

Today turned out to be a very nice day but a busy day. Not a productively busy day, but the kind of day that just flies by and you wonder how it got to be ten to nine at night!!!

Since I did not get much done around the house today or any errands in I wanted to make a nice dinner for tonight. We had a very windy day which made it feel much colder than it was, so I wanted something that would warm up my guys.

I decided to make a pork stew, which was more of a soup and some baking powder biscuits with cheese. I just love this meal...It is very tasty and just full of veggies!! I also love it because it is super cheep to, and there is enough left overs in the fridge for another supper for at least two people!!!

Here are some pictures of all the yummyness from tonight:

After supper I wanted a little something so I decided to pull out my stash of tea and I decided to make a cup of chocolate cake tea from David's Tea. It was good and I really enjoyed it :)

Well it's getting late and I'm off to watch some Kelly and Michael that I pvr'd from this morning and then I'm off to bed :)

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