Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Some Project Life in My Kitchen...

My son Nathan is home sick today, he has a bit of a fever and is just feeling lousy :(.
We spent this morning on the couch cuddling and watching t.v (which I just love and really miss since he has started school) but this afternoon I wanted him to have a rest so I decided to start my project life scrapbook for 2015!!

One of my Christmas presents was the 5th and Frolic project life core kit!!! I have been wanting to start project life for a few years and this year I have!! It is really a cool way to scrapbook. For me it gets me out of my head and just allows me to do
I usually sit in front of my pictures and paper with Google images open to various scrapbook layout ideas and it takes me forever to get going and do a layout. With project life there is very little to decide so you can just get the pictures arranged and the memories recorded, which I just LOVE!!!

Today I sat at my kitchen table and got all of January done. I have not really embellished it so I will share more of my layouts from today at a later date but I am really pleased that I got as much done as I did :)

sorry for the glare...

I wanted to share this last picture because I am really loving this little bag! I use it to carry my crafting things from the basement to the kitchen and it can fit almost everything!! I also use it when I am going to crops and I have a lot of little things I don't want to put into my big scrapping tote. The thing I love the most is that it was less than $10 from Michael's!! 

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