Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Some New Finds :)

Hello and Burr...lol. I was watching the news one night last week and I heard that we are once again in a polar vortex... :(. It has been so cold outside that my scarf is frosting up as I walk my boys to and from school just from the warmth of my breath!! I cannot wait for this cold air to leave and return to some more seasonal temperatures...lol

Today I was out and about, I had several stops to make and some of them were fun :)
I stopped at Michael's and picked up a paper pad that I was very excited to get. I had wanted this paper pad for a while and it had been out of stock forever... until today...lol.
I wasn't even going to go to Micheal's today, but as I was driving by I quickly turned into the parking lot and I am glad that I did! There was one Recollections comic book paper pad in stock so I quickly picked it up and went straight to the cash!!

I have a couple of scrapbook layout ideas already to go and some card ideas too!! I think that I will spend some time tomorrow getting some layouts done with my new papers :)

After Michael's I headed over to the mall (which is just up the road from Michael's) and went to two stores. My first stop in the mall was David's Tea to pick up some new Matcha tea. I got two different flavours to try:

I could not wait to try it out the moment I got home. I like it but to be honest it was just ok. It has a really strong taste but it has so many health benefits that it is worth it!!

My last last stop of the day was to pick up some new shampoo for my son Bobby from one of our favourite stores, Lush. 
We were watching some of the YouTube videos about their new shampoo and Bobby really wanted to try it, so I told him I would pick one up for us. We had already chosen which one we wanted mainly based on the name...lol. I wanted something with a neutral smell that our whole family would like to use and he loved the name of it, so it was an easy choice. 
I got the Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo bar:

 and the storage tin

It smells so good!!! I am really happy that it does not smell too sweet.  With having four guys in the house that will be using it I really wanted something subtle but nice, and I found it with this!!!  Actually, I was really impressed with all the shampoo bars, they all smelled really good and I can't wait to try them all.

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