Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Getting Things Organized!!

Today I tackled a job that I have been dreading for months now. I spent some time in my in my two younger boys room and went through and organized all their cloths. Having three boys I keep all the cloths that Matthew grows out of for Bobby then everything from both of them for Nathan. We have a really big skid box in out garage and fill it with all  the cloths organized into big garbage bags according to size.

With last winter being so cold I went out to the garage for some bigger cloths for Bobby at some point but I did not take any of the small cloths out :( Because of that I was left with a really big mess!!!

Todays plan was to take everything out of their dressers and their closet, take out anything that no longer fit and then get the "new" clothes out of the garage. It was easer said than done...lol
It is now 10:00 pm and I still have one more bag to be packed up and take out... laundry washing and I'm just about out of energy!!!

Here is how things looked at the beginning... the top rail of clothes will stay, it's the boys dress clothes.

Here is their closet all emptied out...

And clothes are everywhere...lol

Once the new clothes came in from the garage there were a lot more clothes upstairs!!! I used my bed as a place to organize them and get them ready to be put away.
One nice surprize I stumbled upon today while I was in the garage was a set Fiber Castell water colour paints... I have already put them down stair into my craft room and cannot wait to try them out...lol

I hope that you have a nice day and a good night :)
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