Monday, September 8, 2014

A Lovely Dinner

Well the first week of school is now over and everything is back into full swing.  My boys have done such a great job of starting the new year and I cannot believe that they are now in grades 6, 3 and sk. they are all just getting so big!!!

Last night I wanted to have a nice Sunday dinner with my guys, so I decided to make a batch of cabbage roll soup. It turned out really delicious and we have enough left overs for at least two more dinners!!!

Matthew loves to pile as much food as he can onto his crusty

And Nathan decided to talk to us like this, we couldn't help but laugh which of course kept it going  all through dinner!! 

Bobby trying to cross his eyes too...

While I was cooking dinner I stumbled upon a little surprize that my husband had forgotten to give me on my birthday. It was back in August and it was a wonderful day but I had received all my presents the day before, so he had bought a little something extra so I would have something to open on the day of. Well that was his

A fun little gadget and beautiful card!! I love this little flash light. It will be perfect for my craft room or some extra light while reading late at night. The card is so pretty, it has been sitting on my counter and I have loved watching the sparkly dress all day :)
Well I hope you have a great night and thanks for stopping by,

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