Friday, November 3, 2017

Kids Card Kit

Hello!! Today I am here with something very exciting. I have been working on something fun over the last couple of weeks and I am pleased to share with you my Kids Card Kit :)

This kit is designed for your children to do with you or independently, depending on their age. This is something fun for all those who love to craft!!

Each kit will contain all the pieces required to make the cards in the pictures plus envelopes so that the cards can be mailed or given to someone special. 
Please feel free to change up the cards any way you feel like. The pictures are just an example of how the cards can go together, add anything you may have at home to the cards or alter the pieces anyway you like :). Colour in the backgrounds, use your favourite scissors or add your special blend of glitter to make the cards your own.

Each kit will cost $10.00 with free delivery if you live in the Kingston area. If you require your kit to be mailed to you I will need to get back to you with shipping costs. Please just let me know where you are in the comment section below.... And now on to the kit!!!

Five cards and six little yellow hearts for embellishing your cards:)

Card #1

Above is the finished card
and below are all the pieces to make that card

Here is a video of me putting together this card:

Card #2

Above is the completed card and
below are all the pieces to complete this card

Please know that you will get only one circle with the stamped superhero, it is stamped on both sides. For the picture I stamped two circles so you could see them together :)

Here is a video of me putting this card together:

Card #3

The first two are of the completed card and 
below are all of the pieces of this card

If you would like some help putting it together watch this quick video:

Card #4

Above is the completed card and 
below are all the pieces to create this card. 

I know this card is more feminine than the others but it can always be sent to an auntie or grandma :)

Here's a video of me putting this card together

Card #5

Above is the completed card and
below are the many pieces for this cute card :)

Here is a video of me putting this card together:

I hope you have a lot of fun putting your cards together and mailing them off to friends and family!!

Thanks for stopping by,


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