Sunday, August 14, 2016

Craft Room Updates

Well it has been hot hot hot over the past couple weeks and I haven't had a lot of time to craft but I did have some time to do some craft room reorganizing :).
My craft room organizing was nothing big but I did reorganize a closet in the back of my room that was full of clothes and boxes from our move from four years ago which I finally pulled  apart and dealt with.  It turns out that most of the stuff in the closet was able to be donated which freed up a lot of room for me and  my craft   
There were some boxes that did remain so I stacked them on the left side of the closet which freed up the remaining middle and right side!  We had a broken shelf in the garage which was going to go to the dump, so I brought it in and fixed it. Now it is sitting in my closet holding a lot of the stuff which was jammed in amongst everything else in that overstuffed closet .  I wish I had a before picture but I do you have an after picture, I have just been in love with how the closet has turned out!!

Another area of my craft room that changed last week was my cubed shelving. It previously held our printer on the top of it which has now been relocated my husband's portion of the downstairs, which has left it free for me to pull out my beloved Cricut machine. 

Over the past two years it had been on a shelf and was really difficult to use but now that it's out and ready,  I can't wait to get using it once again.  I also took some time and rearrange two shelves so I could reorganize all of my Cricut cartridges in a way that I can see them and have them ready and on hand :)

One great final edition has been this car air freshener from Bath & Body Works. I really love all their candles, hand creams, soaps and well just about  I went there looking for a small candle for in my space but I have always been very cautious about candles so I was really happy when I stumbled upon this cute little thing:

It smells just wonderful! Our whole basement smells just like Sweet Pea... It smells just like the candle without any of the danger ;) (I'm just really worried that I'll forget to blow a candle out)

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