Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Critters are ready for Christmas!!

This has been one quiet weekend here for us. I came down with the flu on Thursday afternoon and most of Friday was spent on the couch asleep.
I was feeling better yesterday and today, but not great so I spent a lot of time at my craft desk creating Christmas cards!!
I have filmed a couple of videos for my YouTube channel and will have them up hopefully sometime this week.
I have been thinking over the idea of having a 12 days of Christmas the first 12 days of December, so if I do I think that I will save these videos for then.

As I was cleaning up my craft room for the day I thought that these half assembled Santa's looked kinda funny. I had been cutting them out with my Cricut and then creating piles of the colours so I could assemble them as they're cut.
I haven't cut out the white yet and I think that the pink I cut is just too I might head out to Michael's tomorrow and buy a new pack of pink with a lighter shade of pink in it!!!

As Christmas gets closer I love to decorate the house a little bit at a time. I love watching my boys as they spot the new decoration, their reactions are just priceless!!!
When my mom was here back in October we went to Pier One and I found these two cute little critters, so of course they needed to get ready for Christmas too!!! 

Sorry for the messy bench, we have an abundance of hats and mitts
at the moment with the cold weather that came this week!!! 

I hope you had a great weekend
Thanks for stopping by,

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