Saturday, February 15, 2014

Some Valentine's Treats :)

Well we all had fun day yesterday!! My youngest son is in JK this year so this was his first year really experiencing Valentine's Day and he just had a blast. My two older boys loved it too and it was a fun night for all of us.

Before I went to bed on Thursday I left some little goodies out on the kitchen table so when they came down for Valentine's morning this is what they would see:

I made them each a card with their favourite colour heart on the front so that they would each know who's is who's and I had their favourite treats as well.

When I came down in the morning there was a beautiful card and some chocolates for me and then when my husband came home from work he brought me these beautiful roses and some new crafty things :)

We watched the movie Turbo with the kids and had some pizza for supper! It was a great day and a fun night this year :) If you would like to leave a comment in the comment section below I would love to know how you spent your Valentine's day this year!

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