Thursday, August 23, 2012


Hi every one, I just wanted to say a quick hello. I know that it has been a long time since my last post but I have been busy and tired.  We have just moved at the end of July, relocating cities! Our new home is in a city that is about 2 hours from our past home. My husband was promoted within his company which is why we moved and so far it has been great, he loves his new job we all love our new house!!
Moving here was a big step for us as a family. We do not know anyone here so we are all starting from scratch, new schools for my boys, new office for my husband and a new church for all of us! It was hard leaving our life behind.  I cannot wait until we have a couple of weeks of school under our belt and my boys have made some friends, and we find a church where we can start making some great connections with others and with God.
My birthday is tomorrow and a little while ago my husband was asking what I would like. I mentioned I would like a Cinch and that is what I got!! (he is such a great husband, and I am reminded of it all the time) It arrived Tuesday so I immediately opened it and then started a new mini album…lol! I think that I will work on it a little this afternoon J  
I hope everyone is having a great day J
Thanks for stopping by,


  1.'ve a lot going on, Cheryl! First of all, I wish you a Very Happy Birthday! Yay for getting a Cinch! I know you'll get LOTS of use out of it, and I can't wait to see your latest mini! Secondly, congratulations to you on your big move! It sounds like it's been a good thing for your family! Just give it a little bit of time and you'll all find your groove and make lots of new friends! With prayerful considerations God will lead you to the church that He wants you to attend! Enjoy the adventure of it all!...Nancy :o)

    1. Hi Nancy, thanks for the lovely birthday greetings :) I have really been enjoying my I really appreciate your words of encouragement about finding a church; I think that it will be a great process. Cheryl



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