Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Paper Bag Mini

Hello everyone, I hope that you are having a great weekend so far :) I have been working on a paper bag mini for what seems like eternity now but I am happy to say that I am finished, and just in time !!!  
I am so happy because my cousin and his family are in town this weekend so I can give it to her in person, rather than mailing it out.  I can show her all the journaling spots and giver her everything she will need to fill it up.
I created a video for my YouTube channel showing the mini album so I have posted it here for you to see too:

Thanks for stopping by,



  1. Hi again, Cheryl! I watched the video early this evening and really enjoyed it! I'm glad it was my memory is fresh! lol Don't worry about being slow at these things...I think most of us are! It takes me forever! That's why I can only post projects on my blog a couple of times a week and not every day! I don't know how some people do it!lol...Nancy :o)

    1. Hi Nancy, Thanks for the lovely words of encouragement :) I am glad that I am not the only one who takes a long time at these fun projects!!
      Hugs, Cheryl



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